Saturday, 9 February 2013

Several shades of yellow

Fields and trees near home, waiting for spring to green them up


Ivy in a hedge. Are these flower buds or immature fruit? Does anyone know?

Gorse flowers in the snow a few weeks ago



  1. Hi Belinda, they are immature fruits. Ivy flowers in the autumn, great for bees, then fruits in late winter, great for the birds, and is often provides good nesting sites, a much maligned all round good plant, I love it. Love the tree skeletons, something I often try to capture in sketch, and always fail!

  2. Thanks Nina. That's really helpful. Presumably these immature fruits are in the process of maturing, or is it too late for them now?
    I should imagine trees - skeleton or not - are one of the most difficult things to draw or paint. So much detail. You must have to be very patient. (Unlike with photography.)